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American Friesian Association





American Friesian Association goes out of business

In September of 2015, the American Friesian Association (AFA) suddenly went out of business. This rapid closure was most unfortunate for the horse owners and horses that were registered there.

Prior to the American Friesian Association closure, the AFA contacted the Friesian Heritage Horse registry, and conversations took place about the possible acquisition and preservation of the American Friesian Association. Sadly, this was not the path selected by the AFA. The AFA abruptly posted their official closure on their website.

Nonetheless, the Friesian Heritage Horse is offering the option of transferring your AFA horse into FHH for only $35.00. We have already helped numerous, former AFA (American Friesian Association) members to make the transition. The Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse International registry can provide credible, accurate papers with outstanding services and programs!

Here is a link to their letter.   Here is a link to their letter if the website closes.










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