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DNA & Hair samples






Hair Sample Requirements


  HH requires a hair sample from every horse applying for registration, even if you are supplying existing DNA results.
There is NO FEE for the hair sample, it will simply be placed in our archives, unless testing is required or ordered.

Submitting this sample, DOES NOT  mean your horse is DNA tested.  

All hair becomes the property of HH.  



How to Collect and Send a hair sample


How to Send

Print the HH form.

Please MAKE SURE that the correct horse's name is written on the form.

Pull the hair sample from your horse, handle these hairs by the shaft

Place hair on the form, where indicated, and tape across the shaft.

Place the untouched roots in the designated spot.

Please DO NOT put hair in a plastic bag or separate envelope.


How to Collect a Hair Sample

Pull 30-40 hairs from the horse's mane, by the roots - do not touch the roots.

For young foals, hair from the tail is preferred, as it has larger root bulbs.

The hair must have root bulbs, so DO NOT cut the hairs from your horse.

Long shafts of hair are not necessary, as DNA is extracted from the roots.


Pulling hair is very easy. 

Twist 20, or so, hairs around a finger, about an inch away from the skin, and pull straight out. 


You can also use a pair of pliers.  Place the pliers fairly close to the horses skin,

squeeze the pliers tightly to the shafts of the hair and pull straight out. 

Repeat the process, if needed, to gather an adequate sized sample.







Show all four feet and pull the forelock to the side.
Please take photos outside,
not in a barn or under trees that cause shadows.


DNA Requirements


 DNA testing is not required for all horses at this time, but IS REQUIRED for the following horses:


♦ Purebred Friesians: Must be DNA tested with HH OR registered and DNA tested with another credible Friesian registry. Parent verification is required, whenever it is possible to do so.  *Conversion fees may apply.


Sires & Dams: All breeding horses of Friesian ancestry, must have DNA on file with HH, before their offspring can be registered with HH.

Specialty Book Horses, Heritage Warmbloods & Elite Horses: Horses applying for any of the specialty books must be DNA tested, and parent verified (whenever possible).

 All horses produced by frozen semen or embryo transfer: Must have DNA on file with HH, before registration can be completed.


 HH reserves the right to require DNA on any horse applying for registration: In some special circumstances, the HH may deem that a horse, not normally required to DNA test, must be DNA tested and parent verified, before registration can be completed.  In these situations, the applicant will be notified, with an explanation.


DNA may be done at the time of registration, at a reduced fee  OR  you may supply us with a copy of existing DNA markers from a previous test  OR  it is sometimes possible to obtain existing DNA markers from other registries.  We can help you with this – please call or email.

** Important Note ** All DNA tested horses must be parent verified, whenever possible. In order to conduct parent verification tests, a $20 DNA conversion fee may be required for any horses DNA tested at any lab other than UC Davis. In some cases, a conversion fee(s) may also be required on the sire and/or dam of horse being registered.

Important DNA Information

DNA has become the industry standard for all credible registries. Some show circuits, such as International Friesian Show Horse Association (IFSHA), require DNA before you can show. It is important to know that there is no test to determine if a horse is of a particular breed. Therefore, comparing DNA from an offspring to its parent(s) is the only valid way to determine ancestry. It is essential to maintain unbroken DNA links, through the generations, in order to preserve and authenticate a bloodline. Beware of registries that DNA test without parent verification. DNA markers alone, without the parent verification, cannot substantiate linage.

DNA and Your HH Certificate

HH strongly recommends that all horses of Friesian Heritage be DNA tested at the time of registration!

If the horse has not been DNA tested, “DNA: Not Verified” will be written on their papers.


When you DNA test through the Friesian Heritage Horse, you will receive a laminated copy of the DNA results

 & the DNA status is recorded on the front of the registration certificate.

 On our registration certificate there is a space for DNA parent verification.

 Not on File” or “Not Verified” means that the owner of the horse has not had the horse DNA tested.

 DNA on File” means that this particular horse has been DNA marker tested, but has NOT been parent verified.

“DNA on File v” means the horse named on the certificate has been DNA typed and parentage verified to the sire only.


“DNA on File m” means the horse named on the certificate has been DNA typed and parentage verified to the dam only.


“DNA on File vm” means the horse named on the certificate has been DNA typed and parentage verified to BOTH the sire and the dam.


“Not Required” means that particular parent does not have Friesian lineage and DNA is not required for that type of certificate.


If a parent DNA space lists A Registry Acronym, e.g., FPS, ApHC, AQHA, etc., it means that the sire or dam has been

registered with that registry, we consider that horse to be of that particular breed, but we may not have obtained any DNA for that parent. It does not necessarily mean that the horse has been DNA tested by the registry listed.


With the exception of some of the specialty book requirements, DNA is generally not required for sires or dams without Friesian heritage.  However, if you wish to have your horse parent verified to a non-Friesian parent, or DNA tested through our UC Davis or U of K accounts, it can often be done, upon request.  DNA conversion fees sometimes will apply.  Please call us, or email, for details, before you mail your application in.  Some of the non-Friesian breeds that we commonly parent verify to are: Morgan (AMHA), Saddlebred (ASHA), Andalusian & Lusitano (IALHA), Arabian (AHA), Quarter Horse (AQHA), Appaloosa (ApHC), Tennessee Walker (TWHBEA), Gypsy (various registries).  Additionally, Moriesian parents, registered MHR, can be DNA verified to their Morgan side.


******* Special DNA Circumstance *******

In the case of parent DNA that is not available, due to death of the parent horse(s), or due to the owner or registry of a parent horse(s) not being willing or able to release a DNA sample, then, the owner of the offspring being registered is strongly encouraged (and in some cases, required) to DNA test the offspring of the non-DNA tested parent(s).  Please be aware, if a DNA test is not ordered, then the un-tested horse creates a "broken link" in the DNA verified lineage, of their Friesian heritage.  Subsequent offspring from non-DNA-tested horses will not be able to document their percentage of Friesian heritage, which will endanger the ability of their offspring to qualify for HH registration. 


DNA Testing Refunds

Refunds cannot be given for any reason whatsoever, once the hair has been submitted.










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