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Stallions with NO DNA On File

Don’t let proof of your horse’s heritage be lost!

It is important to know that, contrary to common belief, not all Dutch and German registered Friesians have DNA that can be accessed in the USA, especially horses that were imported, registered B-book and horses born prior to 2010.  Additionally, there are a multitude of registries that only record pedigree and do not back up that pedigree with DNA testing at all! 

 Horses in these “paper registries” are particularly at risk of losing proof of their Friesian heritage!


If you would like us to check on the DNA status of your stallion of Friesian heritage, please contact us.

 Your stallion can then be added to our list of "On File" stallions and their offspring can be eligible for FHH registration.


Preserve the proof and integrity of your Friesian horses through DNA verification.

Contact us today!


The horses listed below DO NOT have DNA on file.

If you know anything about these stallions, please contact us.

Stallion's Name Stallion's Sire Stallion's Dam
Auke v/h Schildbroek (Deceased) Gradus 356 Aukje v/h Schildbroek
Dake v.O. Piter 312 Tjitske v.O.
Drewis Ait 410 Aafke J.
Femme S. Olof 315 Femke fan 'e Wigéri
Frits fan it Huningspaed Sape 381 Metty
HF Lassiter (50%) Kwintus Culliton Lassie
Idsger Bel Loadewyk 431 Annegien E.L. 
Jaap fan Signature Friesians Sape 381 Tamarinde
Jonker H.S. Pier 448 Maaike 'fan Panhuys'
Joran H. Erik 351 Ida H.
Majoor    (Requested-but NOT supplied) Teunis 332 Bapje
Noah f/t Friesian Connection Mintse 384 Leda
Off the Radar Anne 340 Tresa
Patrone (50% Arab X Fr) Parys El Jamaal Glaciers Midnight Aurora
Pieter Douwe Wander 352 Brecht-Bea van Zweins
Rein F. Sape 381 Fiduna F.
Ritske R. Tsjerk 328 Carola R.
Shrek by Friesian Affaire Otte 375 Xiana

Sibbe          (Requested-but NOT supplied)

Beart 411 Regiene
Siebe K. Folkert 353 Sjanneke M.
Spartacus (Emke fan 'e Greidhoeke) Ritse 322 Hiske fan 'e Greidhoeke
Tiberius von Jorrit PM Jorrit PM Aafke V
Ulke (R329) Laes 278 Linie
Werby Anton 343 Clarien
This List was updated 02/01/17




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