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3/4 Friesian X 1/4 Thoroughbred Colt.


We offer many different types of registration certificates.

The fee is $55. (US dollars) per horse for a horse’s initial registration, regardless of the type of certificate.

DNA tests are additional.



Registration Application (PDF)


Registration is $55.00

Registration with DNA markers is $85.00

Registration, DNA markers & Dwarf-Hydro $150.00

Rush fee is $20.00+

Important information regarding

Dwarfism & Hydrocephalus

DNA testing and registration


Check a stallions DNA "On File" status



Registration PHOTOS can be emailed.


Email to: PIX@FriesianHeritage.com

Copy-paste this link if you are having difficulty.


The horse's first name choice

 must be in subject line!


Our mailing address is:

Friesian Heritage Horse

1266 150th Ave

Ogilvie, Minnesota    56358



To tranfer ownership of a horse please use the transfer of ownership form that can be found on the forms page. Box 6


Purebred Friesian horses are required to DNA

and be parent verified whenever possible.


A hair sample is required for each horse registered...NO FEE......Click here for more details!****

A hair sample is required. Read more


Click for a larger view

Show all four feet and pull the forelock to the side.

Please take photos outside,

not in a barn or under trees that cause shadows.


Horses can be double registered.

(We allow horses that may have papers with another

 registry to be double registered with the HH)

Disappointed with your current Registry?

Send HH the original papers and we will transfer

your horse's registration to HH for $35.00  Call for details.

Click here for transfer form

(PDF forms may take several minutes to load)

Breeder's Special Discount Registration
Breeders with multiple horses to register please contact the HH Registry for special discount programs!
Specialty Book Registration ($85) Read more..

Turbo Friesian

25% to 75% Friesian & Arabian ancestry


Friesian & Gypsy ancestry

Warlander Heritage Horse

25% to 75% Friesian & Spanish ancestry

Imperial Heritage

Horses that are 25% Friesian x Lp/Patterned breeds

Baroque Pinto

Friesian & Pinto

Fire Friesian

Red/Chestnut Friesians

& Heritage Horses

Recorded Certificate ($55)

Note: Most registries allow horses to be double registered.

This certificate is for horses of 25% to 100% Friesian ancestry who are already registered elsewhere and not allowed to double register by that registry. (Usually, Foreign Registries)

Advanced Registration Options ($55)


The options listed below are available to horses who have completed a HH recognized inspection, with a qualifying score, and/or have achieved specific requirements in open competition. Horses being registered with HH for the first time may apply directly for the Advanced Registration Papers,  if the criteria has been met.

This applies to all specialty book horses

Crossbred Friesian Certificates Purebred Friesian Certificates

Heritage Horse

Sporthorse, Park Performance

or Utility Designated

Purebred Friesian

Sporthorse, Park Performance

or Utility Designated

Heritage Pony

Sporthorse, Park Performance

or Utility Designated


Faux Friesian

(More than 75% Friesian heritage)

Sporthorse, Park Performance

or Utility Designated

Heritage Warmblood Registration
This classification of registration is for horses who DO NOT have a purebred Friesian parent, but both parents must have Friesian lineage. To qualify for Heritage Warmblood Registration, the horse must meet with strict inspection criteria on a Sport Horse standard, must be a minimum of 25% and a maximum 75% Friesian lineage, must be a minimum of 15 hands and must be DNA tested. These horses will be considered for a foundation breed book.
Registration Certificate Note
Horses may hold only one registration certificate (set of papers) at a time. Future upgrades of certificates are optional and require an upgrade fee of $30 and a “Change of Certificate” form. The original certificate issued must be returned to HH, via certified mail, before HH will grant the upgraded certificate.  Please note that registration options and requirements may be changed, added or eliminated, upon review, as deemed necessary by the Council Members of the HH.
Refund Policy

The Refund policy for horses found ineligible for registration: 

Registrant (person registering the horse) may be issued a full, partial or no refund at all, based on time spent investigating the eligibility of the horse being registered. This refund is at sole discretion of the HH council.


Typos/errors made by the HH

Return the original certificate back to HH, within 90 days of receiving them, with the requested corrections in writing, and corrections will be made free of charge.

 The HH is not responsible for errors made due to illegible applications or information submitted incorrectly on applications.  Errors can be corrected for a $30 re-print fee.







Call us Toll Free 1-877-653-1341


10:00 AM to 10:00 PM  M-F

Occasionally answering & returning calls on Sat-Sun

Link to contact list