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Some of Our Competition Horses





Guidelines for adding your photos to our competition pages.

Photos must be good quality (not blurry) with the horse taking up a minimum of 50% of the photo.

Please send photos that over 600 pixels wide and high.

Try to limit the number of photos to  3 or 4 photos per show.

What we need to know:

  • Your horses name & HH registration #

  •  The discipline you show your horse in.

  • Leave the words COMPETITION PHOTOS in the subject line.

  • Be sure to sign your email.

  • Click here to email your photos to us

FF Ghenesis  #2318-2013TF

Turbo Friesian 5 year old mare


Owner: Sheridan Kent

Mystical Design #1028

Friesian Heritage Gelding

Amateur Rider

Owner: Judy Ward

Ridden by: Megan P 14 year old

Phoenix Rising #1358

Friesian Heritage Gelding

Third Level Dressage

Owner: Brooke Pape & Victoria Kiesner

Ridden by: Brooke Pape

Mystical Illusion #1290

Friesian Heritage Mare


Owner: Jamie Cinq-Mars

Driven by: Jamie Cinq-Mars

Orca #1105

Friesian Heritage Stallion


Owner: Lori Stewart

Ridden by: Sharon Katanik

Truus fan 'Welle #1653

Friesian Mare

Third Level Dressage

Owner: Pam Saddoris & Shanna Brack

Ridden by: Shanna Brack

Carisbrooke's El Dante  #1152

Friesian Stallion


Owner: Vicki Hartman

Ridden by: Tyra Vernon

Diamonds GuaranTee #1654

Friesian Heritage Gelding


Owner: Pam Saddoris & Shanna Brack

Ridden by: Lisa Slagel

Custom Design #1018

Friesian Heritage Stallion

First Level Dressage

USDF Midwest Grand Champion 2012

USDF Region 4 Grand Champion 2012

Owner: Amy Hoppe

Ridden by: Laura Myllykangas

Elena de la Vega #1601

Friesian Heritage Mare


Owner: Ingrid Henry

Ridden by: Ingrid Henry

Bravo Baloo #1444

Friesian Heritage Gelding

First Level Dressage

Owner: Rose & Isabella Marsden

Ridden by: Mindy Price

Philo Norsk #1107

Friesian Heritage Gelding

Training Level Dressage

Owner: Martha Plunkett

Ridden by: Lisa Williams

Mago of Carisbrooke #2100

Friesian Stallion

High Scoring Training Level Dressage

Son of Feike 395 x Dam: Victoria W.

Owner: Vicki Hartman

Ridden by Tyra Vernon

 Savannah Rose #1042

4 year old Friesian x Saddlebred mare

Friesian Heritage Horse-Blue Elite Sport Horse Designated

 Pharro #1111

Heritage Horse Gelding

 Competing Prix St Georges Dressage, July, 2008

Elite Sport Horse Designated

Son of Nero-Friesian

Dam: Roman Center-Thoroughbred

Owned by Jeannie Patton in KY

DOB May 1996

LSH Cadence In Color #1115

Heritage Horse Stallion

Prix St. Georges Dressage

Elite Sport Horse Designated

Competing Pre St. George in 2009

Son of Doktor x Dam: Decopauge-Warmblood

Owner: Michele Dodge in CA

Uthyr #1298

Friesian Stallion

Son of Donius W x Dam: Rosalien

Owner: Michele Dodge in CA

DOB: May 2006

Romeo of Carisbrooke #1400

Friesian Gelding

High Scoring Training Level Dressage

Son of Sam x Dam: Victoria W.

Owner: Linnea Tedlund

Ridden by Ann McKay

Jack Sparrow #1808

Friesian Heritage Horse Gelding


Son of Novi x Dam: Warmblood Pirate Rose

Ridden by Diane Gascoigne

Naaymia #1318

Friesian Mare / Dressage

Daughter of Dante of Mystic Valley

(Carisbrooke Farm)

Dam: Nymeria (Nero)

Owner: Jodi & Brianna Pursley

Nederlandse Chocolade #1027

Heritage Horse Stallion-Dressage

Son of Pier V Hollum-Friesian

Dam: Bell Nickles-Pinto

Owned by Teresa Kirchner in NY

DOB: May 12, 2007

Friesian stallion Zorro

Zorro #1022

Friesian Stallion / 3rd Level Dressage

Sport Horse Designated

Zorro &  Mindy win 2007 IFSHA World & Grand National Champion

and 2007 IFSHA Reserve World Champion Musical Freestyle

Son of Erik 351 x Orkje

Owned by Mindy Price in MN

DOB May 1999

Ben Along Time (Spencer) #1245

Heritage Horse Gelding-Driving

Son of Emike fan 'e Greidhoeke-Friesian Stallion

Dam: Emily-Morgan

Owned by Marjean McIntyre in SC

DOB: April 10, 2004

Nero's Celebrated Design #1031

Heritage Horse Mare-Dressage

Sport Horse Designated-High Merit-Ster Mare

Daughter of Nero-Friesian Stallion

Dam: Chior Boy's Celebrity-Saddlbred

Owned by Cindy Bellamy in MN

Trained & ridden by Linda VonWeymarn

Av'a Minted Design #1011

Heritage Horse Mare-Dressage

Sport Horse Designated-High Merit

Daughter of Grand Design-Friesian/Applossa Stallion

Dam: PJ's Peppermint Patty-Appaloosa

Owned by Cindy Bellamy in MN

Trained & ridden by Linda Von Weymarn

DOB: May 21, 2003

Zoren Z #1060

Heritage Horse Gelding-Dressage

Sport Horse Designated

Son of Zorro-Friesian Stallion

Dam: QAR Christiana-Appaloosa

Owned by Tamara Anderson in MN

DOB: April 23, 2005

Aurora Borealis von Jorrit #1169

Heritage Horse Mare-Dressage-Jumper

Daughter  of Tiberius von Jorrit PM-Friesian Stallion

Dam: Lucks Gay Kitawasp-Quarter Horse

Owned by Melissa Kanzelberger in MO

DOB: March 13, 2003

Dash Rip Rock #1116

Friesian Stallion / Saddle-Seat

Park Performance Designated

Son of Time 398 X Femke Fan Ferwalde

Owned by Laurie Statam in PA

DOB May 2003

Novi of Legend Woods #1003

Friesian Stallion-Dressage

Owned by Legend Woods

Ridden by Ryan Stark in WI

DOB July 01, 2001

Ivy's Nova #1139

Heritage Horse Mare

Sport Horse Designated-High Merit

2009 IFSHA World & Grand National Champion

Dressage Sport Horse In-Hand Mares & Fillies

2008 IFSHA Region 6 Champion Partbred mare 3-5 Years

Owned by Ryan Stark in WI

DOB May 9, 2004

Friesian Heritage Horse-Sport Horse Designated

 Neo #1096

Heritage Horse Gelding-Western Bridle Path

Sport Horse Designated-High Merit

At the WSCA show September 19, 2008

St. Paul, Minnesota

Son of Nero-Friesian X Born Sweet-Thoroughbred

Owned by Ingrid Gryskiewicz in MN

Born June 2001

Zia #1058

Heritage Horse Mare-Dressage

Daughter of Zero Gravity-Friesian Stallion

Dam: Legends Libertychance-Paint

Owned by Jaclyn Vazquez in CA

DOB: August 5, 2002

Diedrik  #1620

Friesian Stallion-3rd Level Dressage

Sport Horse Designated

Son of Approved Friesian Sibald 380 X Sytsche

Owned by Sheila Weinrich

DOB: June 12, 2001









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