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Minnesota Horse Expo 2009

"Super Horse"





Click the photo for a larger view
Knight Zorro and Hessel           Celebrity-decorated butt          Celebrity and Kayla  


Grand Design at Expo 2009        Grand Design & Custom Design        Grand Design   



Hessel and Arden           Kapetan and Caroline         Neo (with Ingrid) & Lilly (with Jessie)


Lilly and Neo (background)       Lilly and Neo        Lilly and Jessie      Lilly and Jessie


Neo (with Ingrid)     Neo (with Ingrid)       Whitney-Friesian mare      Sandy


Zorro and Mindy        Celebrity and Kayla       Celebrity and Kayla


Hessel and Celebrity          Hessel and Arden       Kayla & Reg


Kapetan-Friesian stallion         Custom Design-Friesian heritage stallion       Friesian stallion Kapetan









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