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Inspection Information


Be sure to view the full list of horses that participated in the

 2008 FEIT Inspcection Tour please visit the FEIT website



Our registry's 2009 High Merit Horses inspected by FEIT



National High Point

Friesian Heritage

Sport Horse Champion 2009

1A Buckskin Martini

Sporthorse Designated

High Merit Mare

8.040  Blue-1st Prem

(1A Super Mario)



Axis Kiss of Legend Woods

Sporthorse Designated

High Merit Filly

8.00 Blue-1st Prem

(by Ukiah Norsk)




Pinegrove's Sailor Boy

Sporthorse Designated

High Merit Gelding

7.909 Red-2nd Prem

Ster Gelding

(By Nathan)





Istari Lytes Legacy

Sporthorse Designated

High Merit Colt

7.883 Red-2nd Prem

(By Sirius Black)




Bellini of Legend Woods

Sporthorse Designated

High Merit Filly

7.863 Red-2nd Prem

(By Ukiah Norsk)



Starside Rowan

Sporthorse Designated

High Merit Gelding

7.18 Red-2nd Prem

(By Rohan Hendrick Z)



National High Point

Friesian Heritage

Park-Carriage Champion 2009

Armani of Carisbrooke

Park-Carriage Designated

High Merit Stallion

8.00 Blue-1st Prem

(By Aramis Valour Kayzaba)



National High Point


Park-Carriage Champion 2009

Franzia of Carisbrooke

Friesian Standard (Sporthorse)

High Merit Filly

8.04 Blue-1st Prem

(By Ljibbe's Valour)



Draco of Carisbrooke

Friesian Standard

High Merit Colt

7.897 Red-2nd Prem

(By Pegasus)



National High Point


Utility Champion 2009

Sirius Black

Friesian Standard (Utility)

High Merit Stallion

7.935 Red-2nd Prem

(By Rik 396)


Note: The HH believes that inspections are an important tool  for breeding good quality horses. We encourage and want to acknowledge all horses who attend any legitimate inspection and place high in the event.

AWS inspection scores differ from the scores that are given by FEIT in that canter is not judged by the AWS.

However all other aspects are judged on a Sport Horse standard.



Moonlight Sonata

5 year old Friesian x American Warmblood mare.

This mare was high scoring at the ISR/Oldenburg Inspection with 101 points  and was accepted into the ISR/Oldenburg registry in the pre-mare book, and approved for breeding to Oldenburg.

She scored higher than several pure Oldenburg and Dutch warmbloods out of prestigious bloodlines.




Storm Movin In

(By Zero)

Stallion of the Year

American Warmblood Society Inspection








Photo of Pinegrove's Sailor Boy

(The same horse as above)

Preparing for the Ster Testing

Ster Test:  7.816 - Driving Test


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