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Open Competition Awards Program





Offering awards to Friesians and Friesian Heritage horses seperately!

Open Awards Enrollment Form

$30.00 per year / FREE for Young Riders

*** Note: Results and updates will be done by email. Be sure to keep your email address current.***


List of Open Awards Program Reporting Forms:

Please DO NOT combine different divisions types on the same form.

Please use the form specific to each division type.


If your HH registered Friesian or Friesian Heritage Horse is competing against other breeds in open shows or events (shows open to ALL breeds of horses), he or she is eligible to join the Open Competition Awards program. The Open Competition Awards Program recognizes Friesian and Friesian Heritage Horses excelling in open shows and it acknowledges them for their part in promoting the versatility of our horses. Our horses proudly participate in disciplines such as dressage, combined driving and combined training events, hunter and jumper shows, carriage driving, Western and English pleasure classes, and in hand classes. People discover the horses of Friesian Heritage by word of mouth and by observing and admiring our horses at open show events. Open Competition allows us to recognize our best promoters – our horses!


Year End Awards

HH honors our top horses competing against horses of all breeds in various divisions.

As they compete, they accumulate points that are tallied at the end of the year. 1st and 2nd place awards are given in each category annually, for Friesians and Friesian Heritage Horses.  A 3rd place award may be given in divisions with a large numbers of entries. Only results from open (non-breed restricted) shows count.  IFSHA shows DO NOT count. The year runs January 1st  through December 15th of each year – results must be submitted by January 15th of the following year. Open Awards Year End results should be submitted at the same time, in the same envelope.  You must join the program by August 31st  to qualify in that year.


Dressage Division

Awards are given at each national level from Introductory Level through 4th level. A single award is provided for  FEI level.

             A horse/rider team may only participate at Intro level for a single year.

 A horse/rider team may only be Champion or Reserve champion at any other individual national  level (Training - 4th) for no more than two consecutive years. 

 For  Intro through 4th Level,  results must be submitted from the top four rides, with at least three different judges; the judge must be at least a USDF L Graduate or USEF licensed judge.

 Schooling show results are accepted for Intro through 2nd level, as long as the judge is at least a USDF L Graduate.

  For the FEI levels, results must be submitted from the top three rides, with at least three different judges; shows must be USDF recognized.

 Must submit copies of tests with judge’s signature and legible score, or

 If shows are USDF recognized, you may submit a USDF score check printout in lieu of copies of tests.


In Hand / Halter Division

Includes all Open classes (including showmanship, halter, and sport horse breeding classes) as well as Individual Breed Classes at Open shows and Dressage Sport Horse and Hunter Breeding classes at Open Shows. 

              Must submit results from at least three shows.

  Show manager or judge must sign forms – if  DSHB classes, you can submit signed tests as long as they indicate placing and number of competitors.

  Include results from up to twelve classes (we will only count points for twelve classes).


English Performance Division

Includes English Pleasure, Pleasure-Carriage-Fine Harness Driving, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter Pleasure, General Equitation (English), Competitive Trail (English) and Saddle Seat.

              Must submit results from at least three shows.

              Show manager or judge must sign forms.

              Include results from up to twelve classes (we will only count points for twelve classes).


Western Performance Division

Includes Western Pleasure, Western Dressage, Reining, Cutting, General Equitation (Western), Competitive Trail (Western)

              Must submit results from at least three shows.

              Show manager or judge must sign forms.

              Include results from up to twelve classes (we will only count points for twelve classes).


Combined Driving

Over all results for the competition are tabulated, not results of individual phases.

              Must submit results from at least two events.

              Show manager or judge must sign forms.



Over all results for the competition are tabulated, not results of individual phases.

              Must submit results from at least two events.

              Show manager or judge must sign forms.


Hunter /Jumper

Includes Hunter and Jumper classes over fences (not on the flat).

              Must submit results from at least three shows.

              Show manager or judge must sign forms.

              Include results from up to twelve classes (we will only count points for twelve classes).




1. Horses must be registered or recorded with the Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse International.

2. All Open Award participants pay an annual fee of $20 per horse, except junior riders.

3. A participant is considered a junior rider, if they are not over the age of 18 during the competition year.

4.  All participants must join the program and pay the annual fee by August 31st  of the show year.  All results from that show year are eligible, even those earned prior to joining the program.

5. Shows, events and classes must be open to all breeds.  IFSHA show do not count.  Rated show and schooling show results are allowed, although no schooling show results are accepted after 2nd level in dressage.

6. Results must be submitted on official HH Reporting forms for the appropriate division.

7.  If you have results from more than the number of classes indicated in your discipline, submit only the best results to maximize points earned.

8.  A horse may only submit results from two divisions each year, for example, two divisions could be First Level Dressage and Combined Training; or Training Level and First Level Dressage; or In Hand and Performance.

9. Once the horse is registered in the program, their show results must be sent to HH by January 15th following the year of competition. All results for the year must be submitted together, in one envelope, after you are done showing for the year.

10. HH will only accept results from the current year (January 1st – December 15th).


Submitting Scores

Forms must be complete and signed by the show secretary, judge, or show manager, or in the case of dressage entries, must include copies of the dressage tests signed by the judge.  If the dressage shows are USDF recognized, a USDF score check sheet may be submitted in lieu of signed test sheets.  Dressage judges must be at least USDF L graduates or USEF recognized judges.  When showing 3rd level or above, the shows must be USDF recognized shows, and a USDF score check should be submitted in lieu of copies of tests.

In Dressage, awards are based on the average of the top 4 scores (or top 3 for FEI levels), with the highest average receiving First Place and the second highest average receiving Second Place.  Averages are calculated by adding all scores and dividing by 4 (or 3 for FEI levels). 

In all other divisions, awards are based on the point system, outlined below.  Points are earned at each show based on the size of the class and the placing within the class.  Competitors should have their forms signed at each competition, as results are not valid unless either the judge or show manager has signed the forms.  If the shows are recognized by USEF, USDF, USEA, or other recognized organizations, that provides printouts of results, those printouts may be used along with the HH Open Awards Reporting forms, as long as all information, including placing and number in class is provided.


Points are earned as follows:

Class Size Points Earned:

1 to 3 horses

1st place – 1 point

4 to 10 horses

1st Place – 2 points

2nd Place – 1 point

3rd Place - .5 point

11 to 20 horses

1st Place – 4 points

2nd place – 2 points

3rd place - 1 point

21+ horses

1st place – 5 points

2nd place – 3 points

3rd place – 2 points

4th place – 1 point

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I count classes at breed restricted shows such as IFSHA, IAHA (Arabian shows), Baroque Breed
classes, etc.?
A. No, this program is specifically for open shows where all breeds compete on equal grounds.

Q. If I show in Dressage Horse In-hand classes (such as DSHB), do these count as dressage classes?
A. No, these classes would qualify for the in-hand division.
Generally, the shows must be "Open" to all breeds and colors. Any show sponsored by a registry for the horses in that registry is not considered an open show.
However, for "Open Classes" (class must be open to all breeds and all colors) at "Breed Shows", we can allow scores to be counted for the In Hand and Performance divisions, as long as a copy of the show bill is submitted, along with the results, at year's end. If a copy of the show premium from the show, that lists the Open classes, is not submitted, then the classes cannot be counted. For the Dressage and Combined Training divisions, scores from Breed shows are not allowed, even if it is an Open class.

Q. My child rides in Pony Club and 4-H shows, which have dressage divisions. Can we enter the dressage results?
A. If the judge is a USDF L graduate, or a USEF judge (r, R, S, etc), then the results can be included.

Q. I show my horse in Western Pleasure and Western Trail. Can I submit results for both classes?
A. Yes, in the performance division, any qualifying classes may be submitted – a horse may have results from different types of classes within the division, and all these results would be combined to calculate the horse’s annual points.

Q. I took my horse to a 3 day event, and we showed dressage only. Can I count those results?
A. You can not count the results toward the combined training division unless you also participate in the stadium and cross country jumping. However, if the dressage test meets the requirements for the dressage division (including the judge qualifications), you can count it toward dressage.

Q. There is a minimum of three shows to qualify for the working western division. My horse and I showed at three different shows, but we only placed at one of those shows. Can I still enter?
A. Yes – you don’t have to win or place at each show, but you must submit the results to verify you did show at the minimum number of competitions.

Q. I only have results from six classes in the performance division - am I still qualified for the awards program?
 A. Yes, you may submit up to twelve class results, but may submit fewer results (as long as you and your horse showed in at least three different shows). Remember, a win in a big class could generate more points than three wins in a small class.
 Q. I showed at five different shows this year, doing hunter pleasure, western pleasure, and a trail class, we ended up showing in 15 different classes. Can I submit all the results?
 A. We only consider the results up to twelve different classes, so pick the twelve that provide you with the most points.
 Q. I've been showing since May this year, but didn't join the Awards program until the end of July - do my May, June, and July show results count?
 A. Yes, as long as the results are from the current competition year, and you join by August 31, your results count.
 Q. Does “open show” mean I can’t show as an Amateur or Junior rider?
 A. No – “open show” means the show must be open to all breeds. Individual classes for Junior or Amateur riders are accepted as long as the show is not breed restricted.

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