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Baroque Pinto 






                              Baroque Pinto


General Qualifications

  • The horse must have an OBVIOUS PINTO pattern.

  • The horse can be Tobiano, Overo, Splash or Sabino, or a combination of these patterns.

  •   Black color is preferred, but all colors are allowable, except for gray.

  •   Horses with a gray parent are required to be tested negative for gray.

  •   Breeding horses suspected to carry Overo are required to be color tested for lethal white.  

  •   Solid horses are not eligible, even if both parents are pinto.

  •   All horses must be DNA tested. Parent verification is required, whenever possible.

  •   All parent horses must have DNA markers, or submit a hair sample to be on file with HH, whenever possible.

  • Registration into the Baroque Pinto Books is at the discretion of the HH council. 


  • For horses who do not fit criteria above, the Friesian Heritage Horse offers a number of other registration books, for horses with a minimum of 25% documented Friesian heritage. Please visit the General Rules page to see a full list of the HH registration books.


Three Sub-Books:

●  Baroque Pinto Warmblood Heritage  (Written behind the registration number as BPW)

A documented combination of Friesian with European Barock Pinto and/or European warmblood breeds only; e.g., Dutch Warmblood, Hanoverian, Trakehner, Holsteiner, Oldenburg, etc. Must not be under 25% Friesian heritage.


●  Baroque Pinto American Heritage  (Written behind the registration number as BPA)

Must be Over 51% Friesian OR a minimum of 50% Friesian with a minimum of 25% European warmblood OR a minimum of 25% Friesian with a minimum of 50% European warmblood. Breeding a Baroque Pinto Warmblood book horse to a Baroque Pinto American book horse automatically places the resulting offspring into the Baroque Pinto American Heritage Sub-Book. The Non-Friesian side of the pedigree should be no less than four generations. Horses may not be over 25% Draft or Gypsy (Tinker) blood. Horses who are a combination of Gypsy and Friesian blood, with no other breed influence, are not eligible for the Baroque Pinto books, but may be registered in the Gypsian book.


Horses who are 50% Friesian and/or horses who do not have a full, four generation pedigree on the non-Friesian side, may be considered for this book with a qualifying High Merit Inspection score, or other other show/inspection credentials, by special invitation. This is at the discretion of the HH council.


●  Baroque Pinto Foundation Heritage  (Written behind the registration number as BPF)

To be accepted in th BPF book, purebred Friesians must have white on two feet and a white face mark; e.g., star or strip or blaze. Pinto/Friesian or Barock Pinto horses that were IMPORTED from Europe, with a portion of non-documented Friesian heritage, will be considered for the BPF book on a case by case basis.


An * asterisk behind a horse's name means some portion of Friesian heritage can not be verified, therefore their percentage of Friesian heritage is estimated.


Select Baroque Pinto Stallions

Picasso's Masterpiece


     Picasso's Masterpiece-Owned by Melissa Alvarez

Owner: Top Hat Friesians & Barock Pintos - Jorge & Melissa Alvarez






Owner: Lori Stewart






Owner: Dream Gait Friesians-Lynn Schmidt



Norman de BFF

(Purebred Friesian)



Owner: Katherine Gutierrez









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