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Foal Photo Contest Rules and Information






Please supply us with the following:

Sex of Foal

Percentage of Friesian heritage

       (Purebred Friesian to 25% Friesian Heritage)

Other breed/s in the heritage

Foals birth date

Age of the foal at the time the photo was taken.

Foals name and your name



The Rules are simple!

  • The foal must be born in the calendar year of the contest and must be eligible for registration with the Friesian Heritage Horse (25% to 100% Friesian).

  • Photos will be judged on composition, clarity and just plain old cuteness!

  • Photos may not have signatures, writing or other identifying marks.

  • Photos may not have decorative borders. Photos submitted with borders will be cropped off.

  • You may submit more than one foal in this contest

  •  Only one photo PER FOAL may be submitted. The photo may be changed for that foal until the contest is concluded.

  • Photos should be at least 700 pixels X 700 pixels or more.  *We reserve the right to crop the photos for better display.

  • Some photos are not eligible because they were submitted by Council members, however, we wanted to allow these cute foals to also be posted.

*The photos are reviewed by at least 10 different judges. The judges are instructed to choose their top four photos.

Points are totaled and placements are awarded by the total number of points earned by that photo.

Contest will be closed after December 31st of the calendar year of the contest.

* First Place Winner $55.00 HH value    *Second Place Winner $45.00 HH value   

* Third Place Winner $35.00 HH value  *Fourth Place Winner $25.00 HH value

*Fifth & Sixth Place Winners $15.00 HH value

*Honorable Mention $10.00 HH value

*All other photo contestants can receive $5.00 HH value to use on one item or service.

Winners may use the HH $ value on regular registrations, the Open Awards Program, or other HH merchandise.

HH $ values must be used by December 31st, following the calendar year of the contest.


Example Example Example

Filly: 25% Friesian/Appaloosa

DOB: 05/23/08

Age: 1 Month

Colt: 25% Friesian/Appaloosa

DOB: 07/17/08

Age: one day

Colt: 25% Friesian/Pony

DOB: 07/01/08

Age: 1 Month

2012 Contest winner a colt (left) named Istari Hopes Coco and a filly (right) named Istari Bella Sera owned by Carla Lays.

2011 Contest winner a colt named El Gitano de la Luna owned by Samantha Parks.

2010 Contest winner a colt named Titan D owned by Carrie Dewees.

2009 Contest winner a colt named Hades owned by Blackshire Equestrian.

2008 Contest winner a colt named Razzmatazz owned by Melinda Price.









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